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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Voting For or Against America?

Every country from the beginning of time has needed to control and enforce immigration or else lose their country to someone else.  This isn't just an Arizona issue or an American issue.  This video is an example of one of the building  blocks that leads to destruction and the possible loss of a country. 

Why do so many people want to come here for what America has to offer, just to turn around and change it when they get here?  Then America ceases to be the America everyone was scrambling to get a piece of.  The answer is, as it usually is, knowledge and understanding.  People aren't coming in these droves with the knowledge and understanding of what made America great.  That is one of the reasons legal immigration involves studying and taking test to become a citizen! 

The frightening thing, is liberals have successfully  been dumbing down American education for decades now.  So when politicians like President Obama keep encouraging "the young people need to get out and vote!  The future lies in their hands", they have a better chance of success at accomplishing their socialist goals of power and control. 

But conservatives had a lot of success in this election!!  Yeah!!!  Fortunately, I think a lot of "young people" were lazy yesterday and didn't vote.  I know most of my young classmates at school were!  They just don't bother to really learn what is going on.  If there isn't immediate gratification, so many people just aren't interested.

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